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Save, organize and share your favorite online resources with Symbaloo! Use tiles to store links to websites, videos, web docs, and more.

All the online resources you need, together in one place

Make your online life easier by keeping all your favorite websites organized in a visually-appealing, personalized environment.

Save your links in tiles that you can customize with different colors, icons or images. Organize all of your favorite websites, videos, documents, articles and more - all in one place!

Symbaloo is a great way to organize assignments for students, paperwork for my administrators, and all those important resources for myself. My students love it because it is easy to follow. My colleagues love it because of its versatility. When I present these at EdCampATL and conferences, it's amazing to see the ideas that come out of the sessions!

David Lockhart (EdTechSpeedDating)

Symbaloo offers an excellent, easy to use, platform for my students. They can choose the materials they want to use from the pictures, which is so helpful for my 1st graders! Symbaloo has saved us lots of time on our computers!

Meghan Zigmond (ZigZagsTech)

If you haven't tried @Symbaloo check it out. It is an awesome visual website for organizing all your online resources!

Derek Bezeau (@Weiss_Principal)

I love to share resources using Symbaloo. It has also helped with adding gamification in my class by creating a Symbaloo webmix that can be used as a level. The sequenced tiles make Symbaloo even better for adding gamification to my class!

Bobby Lewis (@usabbs)

There is no other website/digital tool that has helped me more as an educator! I received more feedback about our Symbaloo webmixes than any other resource within the library. Students and teachers loved it....and parents thought it was wonderful being able to stay connected to the tools and resources their children needed.

Shannon Miller (The Library Voice)

Manage and deliver the right content to the right person

Symbaloo PRO for Teachers helps you bring personalized online learning to your classroom and keep your educational resources easily accessible to your students.
  • Make online resources easily accessible on your own public domain. Available at any time, on any device.
  • Distribute the right educational resources to the right person using personalized Groups
  • Collaborate with other teachers and students to create the best digital content compilations

Symbaloo webmixes are perfect for homeschooling! They're VERY useful for distributing learning resources and integrating them into your curriculum.

Secular Homeschool (Read article)

So glad I decided to use Symbaloo to create a student resource page. My kids love using it!

Deaton's Dojo (@Mr_Deaton)

Feeling excited about using @Symbaloo webmix I created to embed on my school's Library Resource page. This tool makes digital curation fun and easy!

Stefanie Hunt (@wyostef)

It helps me organize resources, because there are many resources on the Internet but I had difficulty organizing and knowing which ones I can use in the classroom, which ones are for my training, which are for them ... The Symbaloo application allows me to have a classification and an order of all that content that is on the Internet, all the material to make it much more feasible and at the time of carrying it out I have it much more organized.

María José Rivas García, Science Teacher 5ºA CEIP Santa Florentina (Watch this fun video!)

Symbaloo provides a super nice and safe online environment for the kids. For me, the tool is super attractive because it allows me to organize digital content in preparation for my classes.

María Luisa Miralles Conde (French Teacher from IES Los Batanes)

Manage the digital resources distribution within your educational organization

The ultimate platform for managing and distributing personalized content. Support teachers within the School and make it easy to save and share educational resources online.
  • Make sure that your educational resources are always accessible and available at any time, on any device.
  • Optimize content distribution across schools by connecting and syncing students and teachers to Symbaloo.
  • Provide all teachers with their own PRO Webspace and allow them to manage online resource distribution to their students.
  • Add teachers and other coordinators as Administrators for assistance with managing digital resources.
  • Encourage educators to collaborate and work together to compile the best digital resources

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  • Public Webspace URL (i.e.
  • Collaborate with other users in real-time
  • Access to Learning Paths
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  • Online training (Symbaloo PRO Certification)
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